How to Make Your Home More Presentable Before Selling

Selling a home can be quite a draining process. You’ve got to ensure that your property is as appealing as possible. Here are some of the most effective ways to make your house more presentable to potential buyers.

Replace Fixtures and Appliances

One reason some people might balk at replacing parts of their home in preparation to sell it is that they won’t be living in it anymore. So it seems pointless to invest money in new appliances and interior fixtures. Ideally, these investments will set you up to recoup lots more profit from a fair listing price. 

While some appliances might cost hundreds of dollars, that can make the difference between someone deciding to spend that couple extra thousand to get your property. You might be surprised just how powerful a clean, new, bright, minimalist environment can be. Regardless of the value of the actual property itself, how the buyer feels when they step inside makes all the difference.

Make Exterior Repairs

The same goes for the outside of the house. The first impression that your home gives off is going to determine how somebody feels for the rest of the house tour. Before anything else, you need to figure out what kind of customer you’re hoping to attract. Some buyers will buy your home as is without major repairs. 

This is especially true for investors and cash buyers. But beyond that, you’re going to want to redo the outside as needed. Pay attention to both the house itself and the yard that encompasses it. Paint, repair, and replace the exterior walls, roof, shingles, windows, and more as necessary.

Take Care of Clutter and Color

It’s not just about practical use (although the essentials are critical to have fully repaired). It’s also about aesthetics. You’re trying to cultivate a peaceful, open space inside your home. That’s going to probably entail repainting and heavy decluttering. Light colors–especially most versions of white–are usually best to make an area feel more open. Depersonalization (i.e. the removal of items, features, pictures, or art that might not appeal to most people) must also be kept in mind. 


As much effort as this all can take, remember: this isn’t going to be your home anymore. Don’t be afraid to transform the space in the interest of making it more appealing. Sometimes, this changes the monetary value of the property entirely. But it’s just as important to make it widely attractive.


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