How the Use of Fabric Can Transform Your Home

Your home is where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have a creative talent, you might be able to change the look of your home by adding a slipcover to a sofa in an afternoon or by weaving a hall runner. Covering a wall with a piece of fabric can make you feel like you’re in a new home. Here are some other ideas for using fabric to transform your home.

Drapes and Curtains

One easy way to change the feel of a room is by putting up drapes or curtains. (Drapes are heavier, often lined and allow little to no light in when closed. Curtains are lighter weight, unlined, airier and generally add a softer vibe. Sheer curtains are great for allowing some light in, and you can still see out when they’re closed. With a slightly open window and a breeze billowing out your sheers, all is well in the world. Blinds work well with sheers because all you have to do is close the blinds when you want privacy from the outside, but you will still have the soft effect of the sheers.


Some schools of thought believe that mismatched fabric can add a particular tone to a room. Different patterns can actually complement each other the same way opposite colors (complementary colors) can. If you are upholstering your own furniture, you can look at a color wheel to get an idea of colors to chose from. Visit a fabric shop to see the material and feel it before making a decision. If you are shopping for furniture that’s already made, you may be able to get swatches of material from the store or distributor.


Adding different fabric accessories to your home, such as new pillows, blankets or a rug runner, will provide a new and fresh look. Pillows come in so many sizes you can have them all over your home for different purposes. You can have large ones for sitting on the floor. Many people prefer that to sitting on a chair or sofa. Some dining chairs welcome smaller ones for making long meals more comfortable. You can toss a few pillows in soothing colors casually onto your bed.

Making a small change, like putting a blanket or throw across a sofa back or a few cushions in uplifting fabric strewn about, can change your whole outlook about a space. If you like the small changes you see, you may decide to make more.


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