Different Ways Color Can Be Used To Convey a Home’s Personality

(Featured Image Source: ModernDigsFurniture.com)

Color is one of life’s most sensual pleasures. Many people love the beauty of a long emerald green lawn, a vivid turquoise sky, a dawn filled with hints of violet and deep orange. Many homeowners look for ways to bring colors into their home. Color accomplish many goals. Colors are a great way to bring a lot of personality. It’s easy to paint a room a bright shade of sunny yellow that’s always welcome any day of the year. When it comes to using color, it’s a good idea to think about all areas of the home before starting. Every single room has something special that makes it stand out.

An Entire Home Plan

One way to use color is to create a plan. For example, if you want your home to give a playful and bold impression, you can consider either painting all of the walls a different color or painting all of the walls white so you can accent the room with loud pops of color in the form of decorations. The overall plan should include every space in the home including the bathrooms and the stairways. Each area should have a connection that brings the person to the next space. For example, if you paint all the areas of the different colors, it’s helpful to think about a specific color palette that from a specific part of the color wheel. Using varied shades of green and blue creates an organic whole that makes the entire home feel coherent and pleasing as people go from one room to the next.

Using Color in Some Rooms

Another way to bring color to show off a home’s personality is to use color only in some spaces, or only using an accent wall. For example, the homeowner may decide to paint the dining room a pleasing shade of mellow green to bring attention to the room’s lovely expanse of dark hardwood flooring. A homeowner may also want to call attention to the fireplace in the living room. Using a bold shade of red is one way to bring the viewer’s attention to the mantlepiece as well as any details such as the tiles in front of it.

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are another popular option for the homeowner who wants to use color as a way to show off their personality and the home’s personality at the same time. Colors from this area of the color wheel such as soft grey, understated beige, subtle white and cream help make any space inviting and relaxing. Shades that call to mind the outdoors make even small rooms feel much bigger. Think about using neutral shades in places where people spend lots of time such as the family room. This is an excellent choice if the home has a single style such as country French. These type of color plan allows details such as antique furnishings stand out better.

Decorating for Given Style

The decor is another way to bring out the home’s personality. Choose each piece with great care. Specific colors and styles go together well. For example, Art Deco pieces look fabulous with colors such as pink and black that were popular during that era. A traditional look works well with color combinations such as green and pink. Think about the entire effect. Start with style element if possible, such as a couch or the room’s large skylight and then work from there.

Creating a Focal Point

A focal point is one of the best ways to convey different moods and impressions. A focal point can be nearly anything including a beautiful rug or the view outside a window. If the room lacks a focal point, it’s possible to create one. Paint the walls in the room white. This will show off the focal point better. Hang a large picture on one wall and surround it with several smaller pictures. Another way to create a focal point is by painting three of the walls a slightly different color. Reserve one wall for a contrasting color. For example, use shades of lavender on most of the room’s walls. Then, take one wall and paint it a dramatic shade of deep lemon yellow. The contrast helps create a sense of fun that makes it easy to show how much the homeowner loves specific colors.

Color is one of the most essential tools in the homeowner’s bag of decorating tricks. Think carefully about which colors are most pleasing. Using them well in the home creates fantastic spaces that are full of terrific personality and wonderfully vivid life.