Best Renovations for the Summer Months

Summer is a great time for home improvement. The days are longer, lighter, and warmer, giving you much better working conditions than other seasons do. Use those valuable summer days for completing necessary repairs and renovations; during the summer months, turn your focus towards projects like landscaping, updating your kitchen, fixing your roof, installing or updating your air conditioning, painting, and building or updating your deck.


Don’t let your dream yard be no more than a dream! In the summer, the weather is more reliable and offers a great opportunity to get outside work done. Stop procrastinating the landscaping you’ve been considering and get going—summer is the perfect time for this project.

Summer landscaping does not have to be difficult, expensive, or take up a lot of your time. Even simple touches can boost the fun and beauty of your yard. For example, consider adding new plants. Native plants usually thrive in gardens without needing as much care or resources as non-native plants and flowers. You can also experiment with colorful foliage to add some spice to your yard. You can also think about adding water or light features to give your yard some extra artistry and pizzazz. Just make sure any new plants you add are hot-season plants which can thrive in the heat of summer.

Kitchen Update

Use the summertime to remodel or otherwise update your kitchen. An updated kitchen will increase not only your home’s resale value but also your home’s functionality. Does your kitchen currently have any pesky issues? Are any of your appliances beginning to die? Are their problems with your kitchen’s layout? When you update your kitchen to address those issues, you can eliminate inconveniences that are not only annoying but have also probably been around for a long while. If you upgrade your appliances, you will suddenly have the benefit of greater efficiency, leading to rewards such as increased energy and water savings. Upgrading your kitchen can also give you the benefits of better safety, comfort, and even environmental impact. If your needs or personal style has changed, summer is the perfect time to give your kitchen a makeover and bring it up to your new standards.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Summer can be the best time to repair your roof, partially because new shingles need heat in order to form their watertight seal. If your roof has reached its lifespan limit of 15 to 20 years, this summer is the perfect time to have your roof replaced. Winter conditions are not a good match for reroofing, and you want to make sure your home will be secure and comfortable once winter hits.

To check your roof to see if it needs repairs or replacement, start by looking for signs of roofing problems. Begin inside in the attic. Look for light coming in, as well as streaks or stains, for signs of a leaky roof. You should also check the state of your shingles. Do they lie flat? Are any broken, cracked, buckling, or otherwise damaged? Check your gutters for shingle granules. Check for rot and moss growing on your roof, in addition. These are sure signs that something needs to be done and it is probably time to call in a professional.

Install Air Conditioning

Summer means high time to install or upgrade air conditioning. In the heat of the summer months, you will want cool air inside your home more than ever. New air conditioning will grant you an escape from the sticky heat outside.

Air conditioning updates will do more for your home than just cool it down; in fact, air conditioning also comes with the benefits of healthier and cleaner air, increased property value, and a quieter space. You can make yourself healthier and reduce noise in your home with this small summer improvement. Newer air conditioning systems can also help you save money and even help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. If you have an old air conditioning system, update it for the summer for greater airflow and other benefits.


Summer is a very appropriate time for giving your home a new coat of paint. Because the weather is drier and warmer in the summer, this season is the ideal time for focusing on painting projects, both inside and out. You may have just finished spring cleaning, and, unlike in the winter, you have the option in the summer of opening the windows to help paint dry on interior walls and air out that irritating paint smell. Paint inside and outside your house will dry much quicker in the summer, which will speed up your process and allow you to apply new coats much sooner than would be the case in the winter. Summer is also great for painting because the heat helps thin the paint, which makes it easier to achieve the ideal paint consistency.

When it comes to painting in the summer, make sure you run fans inside in order to minimize humidity levels—humidity can negatively affect the quality of the paint. When choosing your paint and paint colors, do some research to make sure you are picking types of paint that work well in the heat. Think about coordinating colors and consider sticking to a color scheme.

Deck Repair and Replacement

Fixing or updating an old deck, or building a new one, can be a quick summer project. Decks are fun, popular, and increase your home’s value—and you’ll still have time to enjoy the finished product before fall hits. Summer practically demands outdoor living, and a deck satisfies that.

Decks are great for summer social gatherings. When you’ve finished this renovation project, you’ll have an updated space for entertaining family, friends, and other guests in style. Decks are easy to keep clean and give you the great combo of fun company and fresh air.

When summer rolls around, plan to tackle your list of renovation projects. Summer is ideal when it comes to fixing up a deck, the kitchen, the roof, and your yard, along with completing any necessary air conditioning upgrades and paint jobs. With the good weather, the time is right to get these things done.

Summer is a great time to paint your house, and we can do it for you! Contact us today for a free estimate!