Best Decor Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Room

When decorating any room in your house, it helps to understand how important lighting is. Many interior designers will tell you how important light fixtures are and how much they can make a difference in a home. Failure to use them correctly can be a major faux pass when it comes to decor.

Decorative Chandeliers

One popular trend among homeowners today is using decorative chandeliers. Even though a period of time passed when they weren’t being used in homes, they are enjoying a resurgence. Chandeliers do double duty as decorative art pieces and lighting fixtures. Combining decor with practicality is something that interior designers are embracing more and more each day. They feel that light fixtures should match your decor in order to have a trendy home.

Embracing High Ceilings

This is especially good for smaller rooms. The higher the ceiling, the more space it feels like you have. It also allows you a little more freedom with your decorations. You can use taller pieces of furniture, or you can use paintings and pictures to emphasize the height of the room. Just make sure that you keep the top corners dusted of cobwebs!

Choosing A Room’s Paint

The wall color of a room can change the way it is perceived, as well as the general mood that it gives off. To make a small room look and feel bigger, you can paint the walls warm, dark colors. To make a larger room feel smaller and more intimate, light and cool colors are the best choice for your walls.

To make any room feel longer than it is, painting horizontal stripes on the wall is a smart decor idea. At the same time, painting vertical stripes on a wall makes the room look and feel taller.

Vary Your Flooring

There is no reason why any house should have to have the same floors in every room. One easy way to get the most out of any room is to add the proper flooring to it. Different rooms can and should use different types so that each one has its own decor. However, be sure to limit yourself to no more than three different styles of floors. This will bring together the decor of each room to create a house that reflects your personality, without becoming a hodgepodge of styles.

No matter what you end up choosing for your home, make sure that it is something that you personally like. Just because trends say to do one thing, doesn’t mean you have to do it. You are the one living in your home, so make sure this is something that you want to see every day.

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