Advice to Protect Your HVAC During house renovation

Use these tips to keep your HVAC system free from remodeling dust.

HVAC equipment definitely needs to be protected from dirt as it may be harmful. Many repair problems can be detected back to the formation of dirt and dust inside the system. Anybody who has gone through a home renovation knows how dusty it can be. If you take precautions beforehand you can be sure that you’ll not end up with expensive repairs. A little pre-planning can solve the issue of protection of your HVAC equipment from the dust gathered during a home renovation.

Plan ahead

As mentioned above you need to take into consideration some issues beforehand. First of all you need to review your plans with your existing HVAC provider before you begin the process. You’d better to prefer the local ones, so if you are living in Las Vegas, consider choosing Air Conditioner service in Las Vegas as they are better aware of all the pros and cons. There isn’t anything worse than discovering after the process that something needed to be done differently before. So plan at first not to regret later.

Switch off the HVAC

It would be better if you avoid using your furnace or air conditioner during the process of renovations as it is always accompanied with dust.

Close off registers and vents

Close the registers in the place where the process is going on and cover them to avoid the dust from entering your system. In case of using your heating or cooling equipment, be attentive not to cover too many registers at once. And if you can’t be sure whether you’re decreasing the airflow in our system, have your heating contractor come in and check it.

Clean regularly

You should take care of tidiness of the work area by cleaning it frequently throughout the project to prevent the extension of the dust. Too often the openings for heating or cooling systems are used as practical storage for smudged debris. So here is another reason to ensure that they are carefully sealed during the whole remodeling process.

Check the filter

Another important thing is to clean and change your HVAC filter regularly during the process and particularly after having it finished. Very often a filter which seems to be clean can have tiny specks blocking the airflow of the filter. This might be an obstacle and create a strain on your heating or cooling system.

Move the prep work outside

Getting rid of unneeded things or moving some things to another place from home will always be a good idea. It’ll help to reduce the mess of your home

Pay attention to dust control

Plastic tarps can be a good option to isolate the work area from the rest of the house. View the dust control used by your contactor to make sure that it is proper for your project. While dust is being created, the remodeled area should be sustained at a negative pressure to the rest of your home.

Inspect the situation

Think about how your blower, duct and indoor coil were tested when the project is done so that dust and debris do not accumulate in your furnace or air handler. Moreover, you can consider air duct cleaning to make sure that dust doesn’t pass through your heating or cooling equipment.