5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your House Painting Project

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your House Painting Project

Painting your house can be a fun and exciting, if not exhausting, project. Whether you’re painting a room, a wall, or your entire house, painting can be an exciting opportunity to express your creativity, spend time with your family, or get some physical activity. In fact, painting has many benefits. It makes perfect sense, then, that you would want to paint for all the fun and benefits that come along with the project. However, there are some practices people engage in when painting that they may not be aware are damaging. Below are five we want you to avoid so you love painting just as much as we do!

Picking the Wrong Color

This seems obvious at first, but picking the wrong color is probably the most common mistake we see that tanks a painting project. When you pick your paint from a strip of color choices, you may think the paint will look the same on the area you are painting. In many cases, however, the way the paint looks on the wall or outside of the house is different than what you chose. The best thing you can do to avoid this is going to the paint store and asking them to mix a small sample size of the color you want to use. This will help you see what the color you love on paper looks like in real life, saving you both valuable time and money.

Keep a Lid on It

We see this one too much. People keep the lid off the paint thinking it will be easier to access. But inevitably, someone steps in it, on it, or knocks it over, causing an unsightly mess. Combined with lack of proper floor covering, this can become a costly and frustrating disaster. Moreover, your paint will crust and dry, and you are more likely to get paint mixed by putting the wrong lid on the wrong paint. And you may even track paint across your floors after stepping on it. Take the extra second to keep the right lid on the right paint as soon as you stop using it to avoid all of the above messes.

Keep Pets Out

Here is another common mistake that upsets us dearly. We love pets almost as much as painting. We know they are like family members and that you want them to be a part of your project. However, paint can not only be dangerous to your pets, it can also get messy. Imagine a situation where your dog or cat decides your brush is a toy to play with or that paint is fun to lick and roll in. Not only would you get a mess on your pet, your supplies would also be ruined. For the sake of everyone and everything you hold dear, lock your pets out of the area you are painting.

Bumping the Ceiling

When painting, it is easy to touch an area you did not intend to paint with your brush or roller. Even with the same color, this can cause a need for touchups that take time and waste paint. To avoid this, create a buffer zone by painting a 9-inch strip of paint near the ceiling or area you are painting toward.


When painting with a brush, the tendency to want to paint the same area more than once to get a smooth and even finish is tempting. This is especially true when the paint is dry. However, doing so can unintentionally lead to unsightly brush marks and ridges, essentially ruining your paint job. So when you are painting woodwork, doors, or cabinets, avoid too much brushwork.

It is the small mistakes that can sabotage your painting project. We love painting too much to see that happen. For a professional painting experience without having to concern yourself with sabotaging your painting work, call us today for a free consultation.