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5 Painting Projects for Painting Enthusiasts

5 Painting Projects for Painting Enthusiasts

If you’re like us, then you love to paint! And since painting your house often can be expensive, you’re probably looking for an affordable painting project you can complete over a weekend or two. Here we share five ideas we love that you can do solo or as a bonding experience with the family.

Restain a Table

Tables get a lot of wear and tear. We use them every day when we eat, they collect dust and scratches over time, and sometimes they get wet or are exposed to other elements. There is no time like the present to restain that dining room or kitchen table you love and bring it back to life. This is a project that should not take more than a weekend. You can learn how to restain a table in a few simple steps here.

Paint a Lamp

Perhaps you want to change the look and feel of a room without replacing the furniture. Or maybe you have an old lamp that you want to give new life to. Lamps literally light up our lives, so why not make them feel appreciated by repainting them or their lamp shades? You can learn how to repaint a ceramic or glass lamp base here. You can also learn how to spray paint a lamp or lamp shade here.

Repaint Your Fireplace

This project is doable in a weekend. You can make your fireplace the accent piece of your room or simply refresh and prepare it for upcoming use. Either way, your fireplace can easily become the focal point of the room. Learn how to repaint your fireplace here.

Restore the Radiator

It does not take much to make your radiator look like the proud workhorse it is. Before you start, you will want a professional to remove the current paint. They will most likely blast it off. Afterward, you can prime and paint it any color you choose. Gold can make it feel like a piece from the Gilded Age, for example. See a full tutorial on how to do this project here.

Recoat Your Front or Back Door

Splashing a new paint of coat on your door can make it look fresh. You can even paint it for an occasion such as the 4th of July. Doing so will make you feel like you are coming home to a whole new house, and it is a project that can be done in a weekend. To learn how to quickly repaint your front or back door, go here.

You can scratch your painting bug in many ways. From painting everyday items like lamps and tables to stable household center pieces like doors and fireplaces, a simple weekend painting project can rejuvenate you and your house. Need more DIY painting projects that require no more than one can of paint? Visit here. We love painting so much, you can call us anytime to ask for more information on DIY painting project ideas and how to execute them!

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  1. John Rouge
    John Rouge says:

    I just retired 3 months ago. I am in my 50’s so I still have a lot of spark left haha.. Anyways, I was looking for projects to do this spring and summer since the wife still works. I told her to join me in retirement and she laughed, told me I will be bored in a few months. I have to prove her wrong! I thought doing a bit of refinishing and restoration in terms of paint around the house could be good. I believe your company is in the area. We live just off Vero Beach. I may be in touch for some tips and advice soon. Very happy to see a business looking to help, not just make money. You guys a gems.

    • Ellen B.
      Ellen B. says:

      I contacted them a few months back for some DIY advice and ended up hiring them. If you have not seen their work, check it out! They completely updated my kitchen with just paint!! I couldn’t believe it. Their work on kitchen cabinets alone is superb. Anyone along the treasure coast who needs painting work should contact Jaworski. A++ experience.


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