4 Detectors You Absolutely Need In Your Home

Being able to monitor what’s going on in your home is a good way to keep safe. You don’t always need to invest in expensive cameras, though. Sometimes simple monitors will do the trick. Below are four monitors that every homeowner should install.

1. Smoke Detector

Perhaps the most ubiquitous detector, the humble smoke detector plays a huge role in keeping your house safe. It doesn’t matter where the smoke is coming from — this detector will send out a loud beep to let you know that things aren’t safe. Some smoke detectors are even hooked up to monitoring systems, which will let those in a position to help know if something’s going on in your home.

2. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a quick and silent killer. Unfortunately, this odorless gas can’t be detected by humans, and even the warning signs of it being in a home often only come when it is too late. A carbon monoxide detector helps to make sure that CO doesn’t exceed a particular threshold in the air. These monitors are easy to install and run on standard batteries, so there’s no reason to avoid having one in your home.

3. Flood Detector

The flood detector may not be as common as some of the detectors on this list, but flood detectors are key for home automation. The flood detector keeps track of the moisture in your home, alerting you to situations that might potentially provoke a flood. This isn’t a weather device, though — instead, it largely works to keep you apprised of any situations involving your plumbing.

4. Motion Detectors

A good motion detector can be a vital part of a security system. Once you engage your security system, these detectors will spring into action as soon as any motion is detected in the area. Some turn on lights, while others sound a chime. You can even buy motion detectors that will automatically cause the security system to sound an alarm. These motion detectors can let you know when an intruder is trying to break into your home or when a child is up past his or her bedtime.

There are many reasons that one should do upkeep on their home, and these detectors are definitely a necessary upkeep task that falls in line with security and safety. These four detectors can help to keep your home and family safe. Whether you are worried about house fires or plumbing problems, these detectors will help you. If you’re willing to invest in the right monitoring devices, you can get an early warning about many problems that can cause major problems.