3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Bathroom

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, you need to think beyond just your immediate needs and desires. Your bathroom should be a place that can grow with you and your needs and renovating wisely will save you time and money in the future. To future-proof your bathroom, consider these tips.

Make Your Bathroom Accessible

Including a bar for the shower, a slip-free bathtub, and enough room for a wheelchair are very wise choices when renovating a bathroom. Accessible bathrooms make it easier for you to take in an elderly relative when that time comes. Plus, it helps you prepare in case something happens where you or another family member needs more stability and extra help in the bathroom. You can include a bench so sitting is possible while showering, and you can also make countertops lower, so they are easier to access from a wheelchair. Doing this early means you won’t have to rush into a bathroom renovation when you’re already dealing with whatever situation caused you to require one.

Clean Regularly

Bathrooms may be where we get clean, but they get extremely dirty. Bathroom vanity countertops collect stains from numerous sources, reducing their surface strength. Cabinets can be stained by dripping water and toothpaste, and mud or dirt cover walls and sinks if hand washers don’t do a wipe down after washing their hands. Eventually, this dirt and grime will cost you because you will have to start replacing damaged items. It’s important to clean thoroughly and regularly to prevent wear and tear in the bathroom. Create a consistent cleaning schedule for your bathroom and save money in the future when your counters, sinks, and cabinets hold up because of your care.


Due to the moisture from showers, baths, and sinks, bathrooms need ventilation that will keep mold at bay, so rot doesn’t settle into your house. Having proper ventilation in place from the beginning can save you major cash later. Make sure your bathroom has a bathroom fan that is close enough to the tub or shower to be effective. Use it when the bathroom is steamy and let it fully absorb the moisture in the room. If you can install a window that opens easily, then you will create a simple way to let fresh air in and stale air out of your bathroom. If your bathroom door does not allow for space so steam can slip out of the bathroom, have it replaced. These small changes can make a big difference when it comes to keeping mold away.

Don’t just think of the here and now when renovating your bathroom. Keep the future in your sights and find effective ways to future-proof your bathroom so you can enjoy it now and later.