3 Beautiful Alternatives to Traditional Lawns

Don’t settle for the traditional landscaping options for your home. Instead, be brave and create a lovely landscape scene alternatively. Here are three ideas to kick start your landscaping creativity.


Xeriscaping is a unique way to landscape your lawn. This type of landscaping works best if you live in a hot and dry climate. Xeriscaping focuses on planting plants that don’t require a lot of water, thereby drastically reducing the need for additional irrigation other than natural rainfall. The idea is to plant vegetation that thrives naturally in dry soil and rocky terrain. Sierra points out that you can plant beautiful plants of all sorts of size and color, such as succulents, and design a desert-looking landscape right in your own backyard.

Artificial Grass

Another alternative landscaping option is to install artificial grass on your lawn. According to Celebrity Greens, artificial grass can significantly ease the burden of lawn care, as well as aid in water conservation. There are advantages and disadvantages to the upkeep of an artificial grass lawn, but some people might rejoice to know that they don’t have to cut their grass every week. One disadvantage is that it is not pet-friendly. Pets tend to dig around in the grass, which will not be great for the life of your lawn. Advantages of an artificial lawn could include easy maintenance and no watering.

Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping seems odd for a yard, but that is not so. Edible Landscaping explains that you can plant herbs for cooking and medical use, grow vegetables for both the eyes and the mouth to feast upon, and trees that bear fruit. There are so many advantages to replacing your boring sod for a “food forest” of sorts.

The first would be solely for aesthetic looks, as well as beautiful smells you will encounter as you spend time in your yard. The second is that you can make money off of your edible landscape by selling your herbs and produce to kitchens or at a farmer’s market. You can also feed your own family and educate them on plants as you spend time with them in your edible landscape.

Choosing to forego the traditional yard landscaping is a bold task, but that is not to say it isn’t a noble one. There are so many alternatives to the old sod and rock landscape designs, and most are pretty unique! Try xeriscaping for water conservation, install artificial grass for low maintenance, or create an edible landscape to nurture your creativity and love for food. Whatever type of landscape you choose, have fun designing it and don’t forget to spend time in your work of art.

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