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Attention to Detail: Signs Your Home Might Need Some Maintenance

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes peace is disrupted by unpredictable issues that require your immediate attention. Making sure that you take care of your home inside and out to maintain the look and its structural integrity is incredibly important. Here are four signs that you should look for when your home requires maintenance to keep your home in tip-top shape.

AC Unit

To ensure a cool summer, your AC unit should be one of your top priorities to keep up with. To prevent problems, never ignore are poor airflow or lack of cool air coming from vents, especially if your AC should be running. Whenever this happens, you should contact either the manufacturer or a reputable AC company to take a look as soon as possible. The strain on your unit could cause failures in the compression, and if it is left untreated, your unit may need to be replaced. Also, listen for strange noises coming from the AC. Clanking or banging noises are indicators that there is a major problem that should be addressed before a larger issue appears.


Pests, in general, can be annoying to deal with, but termites come with a lot more problems than other pests do. According to Proforce Pest Control, a single colony infestation can contain up to a million termites, constantly eating away at the wood in your home. That isn’t something to mess around with. One of the most obvious signs of termites is mud tunnels leading from the ground and connecting to your foundation. This is where the termites are entering. If you see any of these, don’t break them. Instead, call a pest control company immediately. The faster you act, then less damage your home will sustain.  

Cracked Paint

While cracked paint doesn’t necessarily indicate severe damage, you do need to repair it. Not only is cracked and peeling paint unattractive, but the paint also protects the wood underneath. Without the paint, the wood may be more susceptible to damage or discoloration. If you have cracked or peeling paint, make sure that it isn’t the result of a problem like excessive humidity. You should repaint or refinish the area as soon as possible to protect the surface and keep your home looking nice.

Home Siding

Your home siding is an important home feature that you shouldn’t ever neglect. Not only does your siding make your home look nice, but it also protects the outside of your home from damage and pests. If you notice that your home’s siding has started to warp, rot, loosen or crack, you should replace it immediately. If you have experience replacing siding, you can fix it yourself, or you can get a professional.

Our homes are where we create our fondest memories with loved ones and friends. Making sure that your home is safe and sound is very important, so don’t neglect the upkeep of your home. You don’t need to be paranoid, but make sure you keep an eye on areas that may be susceptible to problems.

kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing

Choosing a Color When Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Not as Easy as it Might Seem!

Choosing a Color When Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Not as Easy as it Might Seem!

kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing

You’re looking to brighten up your kitchen. You want to totally recreate the space, but you want to do it on a budget. Are such transformation dreams impossible? Not at all—kitchen cabinet refinishing can help reinvigorate this most essential room in the house, dramatically transform the way your kitchen looks, and allow you to do so on a budget.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to cabinet refinishing: picking that perfect color. There are actually a couple of different ways you can go here, paint or stain. If you love that natural look and feel of wood, if you want to be daily mesmerized by the wood grain, then re-staining is probably your best bet. Whereas, if you want to go a little less traditional and perhaps a bit bolder in terms of integrating an actual color, then investigating paint possibilities might be a better choice for you.

Painting Your Cabinets: Bright and Bold

How about a red kitchen? A calming sea blue color? You can also always go with the never out of date and ever chic white or its numerous variants. When painting your cabinetry, you literally have a near endless array of colors from which to choose. Keep in mind, this is a fairly long-term change, you therefore want to give it some careful thought and try and look at the big picture.

It’s important to choose a color that you can live with (for awhile at least). Go to your local home store and grab a few swatches—grab hundreds if you need. Ponder these for a bit and see which colors draw your eye the most. The key to a great cabinet paint color is to select a shade that complements your own design tastes, that won’t be considered dated (case in point: that avocado green or electric orange of old), and that goes well with your appliances, furnishings and general décor.

When Staining is the Way to Go

Some people simply love the look of wood. Wood kitchen cabinets are traditional for a reason after all. There are still a variety of tones and shades and finishes from which to choose when res-staining your cabinets. Much as with painting, you have to select an option that suits your personal style

If you really want to highlight the nuances and richness of the wood grain, the perhaps a more natural finish. Some people love deep dark wood colors, especially given that contrast they can potentially provide. And still others prefer a cleaner more modern stain solution.

Whichever cabinet color you choose, we know that you will be amazed at how your cabinet facelift completely transforms your kitchen. We’d love to review your options and help you add new life to the heart of your home. Call today for your free estimate!

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Keep Your Cabinets Looking Beautiful

Keep Your Cabinets Looking Beautiful: Tips on Caring for Newly Painted Cabinets!

kitchen cabinet painting

Your kitchen is looking chef’s-dream perfect! You’ve made the wise choice to have your cabinets repainted and thus update the look of the space without spending tens of thousands on brand new cabinetry. Same incredible effect, much easier on the budget. Now the trick is to keep the gorgeous new color and sheen of your freshly painted cabinets. Caring for newly painted wood, whether furniture, cabinets or any other such surface, really is about simply taking the time to follow some basic guidelines and also avoid a few definite no-no’s.

We’ve certainly dealt with our share of cabinet maintenance and finish preservation issues. So here are a few tips and ideas from the pros for keeping the paint finish on your redone kitchen cabinetry looking spectacular!

  • Take care of spots and stains right after they occur. This is an important one! The longer you let a stain or spill sit on the surface of a freshly painted cabinet, the more difficult it will be to remove. You also risk having a permanent mark of some sort or discoloration as a result of letting a stain go for too long before wiping it away.
  • Use mild products when wiping down cabinets. Using anything too harsh or chemical laden will inevitably mar the finish. A mild detergent will remove just about any stain or dirtied area without causing any issues. You could even use just a cloth dampened with water and maybe a drop of dish soap for more stubborn spills.
  • Avoid an abrasive cloth, towel, sponge etc…You want to use a gentle and soft cloth on your newly painted cabinets. And also make sure that prior to wiping down the surface, the cloth that you are using is clean and not harboring any grainy or hard particles. These can scratch the finish and ultimately ruin the look of your cabinetry.
  • Do not leave cabinets wet. When you are cleaning your cabinets, it’s very important that you wipe down the surface and then dry it. Leaving moisture sitting on painted wood for prolonged periods of time can cause issues such as bubbling, peeling and discoloration.

Your newly redone cabinets can maintain their amazing appearance for years to come! It really is all about how you take care of them. And as you can see, the cleaning of your cabinets comes down to the basics. A little forethought and just a touch more extra care and that finish will continue to stun!

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