interior design 1210x423 - How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

Ever since the birth of virtual reality, augmented reality devices are becoming more and more common, with new applications being discovered every day. Other than recreational use in video games and television, there are also shopping and design applications for augmented and virtual reality devices and programs. One of the most exciting applications for this technology is using it for interior design.

With the ease of a simple app, you can rework an entire room of your home without actually buying and placing items in real life. Now, you can play around with new ideas and visualize furniture pieces in your home without actually committing to anything—now that’s exciting. Here’s a look at using tech to redecorate your house.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Interior Design

augmented design - How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

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By utilizing a combination of augmented and virtual reality, you can quickly make alterations to a room—switch up the furniture arrangement, paint colors, and other essential design elements, such as lighting features.

This virtual environment makes it easy to visualize the look of your space, and you can make quick comparisons between different possible designs. Virtual reality programs can be used to allow homeowners to compare different paint colors for the interior walls of their home—helping them to identify the color they like best in their space. Then, before making final purchases, you can play around with the furniture until you find something that suits the room and your sense of style.

Commercial Design Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Augmented reality tools can also be used to show prospective homebuyers how the property could look after they move in. Here, the virtual environment makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living in the space, so they can make informed purchasing decisions moving forward.

These tools can also be used to allow designers to compare different ideas and decide which are better suited to the space in question. These and other applications of virtual reality can be used to significant effect by interior decorators and others in the industry to help bridge the gap between imagination and reality—creating a design that suits the space perfectly.

Internal Computer 300x77 - How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

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The Bottom Line

As technology continues to improve, more applications of these tools will inevitably be discovered and invented. Whether it’s in the form of interior design apps or sophisticated software for commercial contractors, virtual and augmented reality tools can be used to great effect when it comes time to redecorate and remodel or home.

Instead of having to repaint a room, rearrange furniture, and find new decorative pieces to accent the room, virtual reality tools can save time, money, and frustration by making it possible to do all these things quickly and easily.

While VR technology can help you visualize changes to your home, you’ll still need someone to step in and make these changes in the real world. Ready to take the next steps in the design process? Reach out to us at Jaworski Painting.

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19705154056 a45d226590 z 300x300 1 e1497693703953 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Ok, so we all know that the seventies were about bell bottoms and disco, while the eighties saw the ascension of punk rock and big hair. Have you ever thought about paint trends from one decade to the next…For instance, when was the heyday of green? Has yellow ever been a generational favorite? And what’s with all those eighties neon colors? Just as hair styles, fashion, music and even food choices change every ten years or so, the same can be said of paint colors. So sit back, put on those parachute paints, tease your hair into a beehive and grab your John Lennon inspired shades—we’re going for a short trip down a very colorful memory lane.

50s: Pastel Mania

50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s 1 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends19705154056 a45d226590 z 300x300 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

We think of the fifties and immediately we go to Leave it to Beaver territory. Sedate, pretty tame and definitely traditional. But is this true of their paint also…The paint of choice: pastels. Light yellows, pinks, aquas and blues particularly seemed to be all the rage, as homeowners were striving for that “modern” and clean feel. And yet, they still were inspired to have a little fun with it. Think typical diner décor and you will start to get a feel for how colorful and playful the fifties really were.

60s: Peace, Love and Paint

peace 2069702 1280 300x256 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Flower power, psychedelic vibes and a whole lotta Hendrix generally come to mind when we think of the 1960s. But what about their preferred color choice when it came to interior décor and paint: surprisingly it was a bit more subdued than most would imagine. Despite the rampant profusion of everything tie-dyed and the brightly color peace signs dotting the landscape, wall colors tended more toward neutral and earthy tones. Rusted oranges, toned down yellows, deeper reds, brown, cream and beige all had their place in the homes of the 1960s

70s: Paint by Numbers

avocado appliances 300x267 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Most look back at the sideburns and questionable appliance color choices and say…what on earth were they thinking. Is paint the exception? For the homeowners of the seventies the interior paint colors ranged. We all know that a funky lime green shade is inextricably tied to this decade, along with those nostalgic well-known gold tones and hard-to-pin-down oranges. Okay, we agree, what were they thinking…

80s: When Paint Rocked

Ms. Pac Man  Donkey Kong   arcade cabinets 300x220 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

The eighties definitely picked up the pace. Colors abound, as reds, bold neons, blues, even black made their way into the American home. Whether it was the daringness of a punk rock culture, a generation motivated by the likes of Pac-Man and Frogger, or the edginess of an MTV-inspired mindset, in the eighties people were certainly not afraid of a little color experimentation.

90s: Rebirth of Paint Sophistication

meeting modern room conference 159805 300x225 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

If the 80s were about amping things up, the 90s toned it back down. Here we see the return of more neutral colors, but of course not without a twist. In the 1990s homeowners began “designing” their walls. From adding an accent stripe to a polka dot or two, to even big random blocks of color, people of the nineties merged color sophistication with those memorable notes of risk-taking.

2000's and Beyond: Paint Extravaganza

dog12 243x300 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

The great thing about the last decade and a half or so as far as paint is concerned anyway is that really…anything goes. We are truly a hodge podge of the previous generations. Borrowing from them to reinvent them, interiors are increasingly eclectic and proud of it. And that’s what makes our job so much fun—just try and stay away from the avocado green…


Painted oak kitchen cabinets

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Styles 2017

Unique Design Styles For Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing

Everyone wants their kitchen to stand out from the rest. Whether you like it or not, it draws up maximum activity during any party or get-togethers. It also becomes the focal point during routine days, where children end up doing their homework or grab their after-school snacks, where couples have their daily chats or where lady of the house have a quick gossip with their friends on phone.  Undeniably, kitchens and its sole feature, cabinetry, cannot be ignored.

Let’s run down some popular choices for 2017

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Painted Oak

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Painting Over Oak - Fill Grain

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No matter your preference. We can achieve the look and style you desire!

Own the kitchen of your dreams - at a fraction of the cost - and in very little time. Contact us today for a free over the phone quote.

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Capture 2 1210x423 - What are millennials’ home design preferences

What are millennials’ home design preferences

What are millennials’ home design preferences?

millennials design style

Everyone is trying to figure out how to connect with millennials, and the home design industry is no different. From designers to retailers, the home décor industry needs to figure out how to cater to the tastes of this generation.

Millennials value uniqueness, which is evident in their continued rejection of big brands. They want to bring this uniqueness into their homes, whether it’s with a one-of-a-kind accent piece or a uniquely colored piece of furniture. Unlike previous generations that came to value convenience of generic home décor, millennials have no problem taking the time to find items that reflect their personal style. They embrace rustic themes, including unfinished surfaces and colors that are reminiscent of nature, as well. Millennials are also more minimalist than previous generations, rejecting all the décor trimmings that their parents and grandparents loved. Gone are the days of fancy living rooms that only get used when guests come to town. Instead, millennials are furnishing their homes with practical, multi-functional furniture, like coffee tables with storage bins and shelves that double as dining room tables.

Another interesting change that millennials have brought to the interior design industry is how they find inspiration. Unlike previous generations that got derived ideas from catalogs and a handful of influential designers and writers, millennials have unlimited access to design inspiration on the internet. By looking at blogs, Instagram, and endless product reviews, millennials have an unprecedented amount of information at their disposal. Décor companies that want to succeed with this generation need to make sure they’re putting out appealing, quality products that satisfy these consumers.

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sw paint - 5 Reasons Why We Love Sherwin WIlliams

5 Reasons Why We Love Sherwin WIlliams

5 Reasons Why We Love Sherwin WIlliams

Sherwin Williams Paint Company

We Love Painting, and we’ve been painting for over 30 years—through three generations!

That is why we wanted to share our view on the Sherwin Williams Paint Company.

There are tons of paint brands available on the market today. A search of the internet or a store such as Home Depot will yield many articles and brands to choose from. While many brands have paints that are similar in what they do and how they work, there is no doubting that quality counts when choosing your paint. We have been in business for over 30 years and three generations. We started in Cleveland, which is the base of Sherwin Williams. Thus, we have grown to have an affinity for their paint and their company, which is just one reason we love them. We are not here to tell you that you must use Sherwin Williams. What brand you use will vary based on many criteria. However, we want to share why we love Sherwin Williams so much in case you want a little more in depth look into one brand.


Sherwin Williams has a rich and amazing history. They have been in business for 150 years! This makes them a part of Americana folklore as far as we are concerned. They started in 1866, which is just one year after the Civil War ended. Think about this for a second. The company started when there was no wireless telegraph, railway to the pacific coast, no Suez or Panama Canal, no storage batteries, no telephone, no lightbulb, no airships, no automobiles, and no ready to use paint! You can learn more about their history here. To say they have seen and tried it all is an understatement. Imagine the many historic buildings their paint has been used on over the years. Pretty amazing we think! Plus, this means they have the paint industry down pat, and know their stuff. And we love a company that knows their stuff.


This company has tools to help make the process of choosing paint and painting tools much less cumbersome. For example, they have apps and online tools that help you see what a paint would look like in your space. Plus, they have color matching services and paint calculators to help you know how much paint you need. Their employees are always friendly and very knowledgeable too. We have not had a bad experience with them nor have any of our clients told us any negative things about their customer service. Plus, they approach working with customers from the aspect of a teacher so you learn instead of just getting something and not knowing why or what to do with it. This is hard to find in a large company. Just one more reason why we love them.


Sherwin Williams has a large line of paints and finishes that can cover almost any situation you can imagine. They have colors from different decades, kid’s colors, a lifestyle collection, a historic collection, a pottery barn collection, and a Home Garden TV collection to name a few. In addition, they offer exterior and interior schemes to help you have more options. Plus, they can make colors by mixing them to your specifications. There is no shortage of choice with Sherwin Williams, which is another reason we love them.

Location, Location, Location

As of 2013, according to, the company had 3,520 neighborhood stores. As a fortune 500 company, that means they have a presence in virtually every state. For you, this makes it easy to visit a store to get what you need whether it is advice, tools, or paint. We love that they are so accessible offline since part of the process of choosing paint is seeing it in person to gauge the true color of the paint. Plus, speaking with a human in person is far more productive and informative than just searching the internet and hoping you made the right choice.

They Sell More Than Paint

Yes, they are a paint supplier, but with their history and experience, they also sell all the tools needed to support a paint job and help it work. This includes, brushes, rollers, covers, frames, tape, and so much more. This makes them a true one stop shop for all your needs. And we are all about saving time by using one place that has what you need.

We hope you see why we love this company and its paints. They are a company with history, integrity, options, and expertise like no other. We love that, and we know you will too. Contact us to learn more about the company and how we can use their paint and tools to make your next house painting project rock!

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smart tech

From smart locks to smart thermostats, it’s time to make your home tech-savvy.

From smart locks to smart thermostats

tech savey

–  it’s time to make your home tech-savvy

You’ve already got a smart phone, and now it’s time to get a smart home. From smart locks to smart thermostats, there are so many ways to bring your home décor into the age of tech.

The tech boost can actually start before you even get inside your house. Smart locks and smart doorbells can give your front door some serious upgrades. A smart lock lets you unlock your front door with the tap of your finger, and smart doorbells let you answer your door from your phone. So, if you’re not home and the delivery guy shows up with an important package, you can tell him to leave it on the front step. Inside the home, smart devices can make your life a lot more comfortable. A smart thermostat will save you energy and cash by learning your habits and adjusting accordingly. For example, it can learn to turn the AC off when everyone leaves in the morning and turn it on an hour before everyone gets home. Smart gadgets aren’t just great for convenience, they also help with safety. A smart garage door controller lets you check the status of your garage door from anywhere, and lets you open and close it remotely. And all of this is just the beginning!

When upgrading the technology in your home, focus on the changes that will have the biggest positive impact first. This will be different for every person. Always forgetting your keys? Start with a smart lock. Sick of getting into bed and forgetting to turn off the lights? Look into smart lights. That’s the best part of the digital age: with all these new solutions popping up, there’s bound to be at least one that’s applicable to you!

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teal base and upper kitchen cabinets cream ceramic tiles teal dining furniture classic pendant chandelier over the dining table white ceramic tiles flooring system modern kitchen colors 2016 1 1210x423 - If you’re planning to repaint your kitchen cabinets, make sure to clean them before getting started.

If you’re planning to repaint your kitchen cabinets, make sure to clean them before getting started.

If you’re getting ready to paint your kitchen cabinets, cleaning them is your first and most important step.

kitchen cabinets

Chances are there’s a layer of grease and gunk on those cabinets that you need to get rid of before giving them a beautiful new coat of paint.

  • First thing’s first: remove the cabinet doors and drawers from the cabinet boxes. Make sure you label each one in an inconspicuous spot so that you know where everything needs to go when you’re putting it all back in place.
  • Next, it’s time to make your cleaner. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is the best cleaner for the job, and you can pick up a bottle at most hardware and paint stores. Make sure to wear rubber gloves while you’re handling TSP because it can irritate your skin, especially if you’ve got any open cuts.
  • In a large bucket, combine a half cup of TSP with two gallons of warm water and stir. Fill up another bucket with clean warm water.
  • Soak a sponge in the TSP solution and start wiping down your cabinets. Focus on corners and any other areas where grease can build up.
  • Afterwards, using a different sponge or a rag, rinse off the TSP with the bucket of clean, warm water, and you’re all set.

Then comes the easy part: let everything dry. Once the cabinets are clean and dry, there are still a few more steps of prep work to go, including sanding, filling, and priming. Then they’ll be all set to make the most of a new coat of paint.

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Pantone - Color of the year - Shades of green

Greenery Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 – Use it in your home!

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017

– find ways to use it in your home!

Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, named greenery as 2017’s color of the year.

This organization has named shades of green as color of the year in the past, but greenery brings a brightness and vibrancy unlike any green before it. According to Pantone, “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.”

Whether you want to make greenery the focus of a room or just want to add a splash of it to freshen things up, there are a ton of ways to bring it into your home. Greenery walls will give any room a renewed vibrancy, and its gender-neutral tone makes it perfect for a nursery or children’s room. It’s also an amazing color for a front door. If those seem like too much for you, that’s fine! Greenery chairs, throw pillows, blankets, kitchen appliances, or dinnerware sets will add some pop without the same level of commitment. And don’t forget about greenery in its truest form – plants! Indoor plants are a great way to highlight the color of the year in your home. (If you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of faux options that look great, as well).

Even though it may not seem like it at first glance, greenery is a really versatile color, so, if you want to use it in your home, just find a way that works for you. If you’re interested in pairing greenery with other colors but feeling like you’re at a loss for how to do it, HouseBeautiful lays out different color schemes built around this fresh, vibrant color.

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3 paint fundamentals

3 House Painting Fundamentals June 2017

3 House Painting Fundamentals

painting, paint, color,

We Love Painting, and we’ve been painting houses for over 30 years—through three generations!

That is why we wanted to share some house painting fundamentals that any novice painter or hobbyist should know to save time, money, and aggravation.

When we go to work on your home, the fundamentals of what we do are so ingrained in our DNA that we don’t even have to think about it. We know how to use the right brush and brushstroke and what paint is needed for the desired end result. We know about safety protocols, trends, and time tables without a second thought. We realize, however, that not everyone has the experience we do. Even a small project, such as painting a room, can be overwhelming for a novice when it comes to the nuts and bolts.

Picking your color and paint is very important. But we’re not going to go into too much detail about this because that would detract from the purpose of this post. Our goal here is to save you time, money, and aggravation. Since there are so many other well-done posts on picking the right paint, we are comfortable pointing you to those, such as this one from the DIY Network. The same notion goes for choosing the most important tool: your paintbrush. This article from the For Dummies book series is great for that. They do a nice job of breaking down this important aspect in a very simple manner. This leaves us with the option of discussing other fundamentals that may get overlooked.

Do the Prep Work

When it comes to house painting, prep work is where you are going to spend the majority of your time. This is especially true for interior house painting jobs. You will want to tape off areas with sharp lines, move furnishings, repair and patch any imperfections, and remove things like switches and doorknobs. All of this will allow you to paint without restriction, which is critical because it is impossible to paint right when trying to tiptoe around obstacles. Be sure to thoroughly prep the area you want to paint so that you get a smooth and beautiful finish.

Cut and Roll

It is okay to cut when painting. This means painting corners and edges before painting the main wall. This will allow for a smoother finish and help you avoid ugly lines. Once this is done, use rollers to save you time. For smooth lines and a better paint job, remember to paint an overlapping “W.” On this note, be sure to use an extension pole when using the roller. While using a ladder for cutting or tough spots is fine, a roller on an extension pole will allow you to paint faster and reach places like ceilings without much movement.


Boxing” refers to combining multiple gallons into an appropriately sized bucket. Simply pour your gallons into a sealable bucket and mix. By doing this, you avoid any inconsistencies in paint color and coverage. Plus, you save yourself time and waste by not having to do one bucket at a time. This really streamlines the process and provides a fail-safe in case you make a slight mistake.

Other Fundamentals:

Primer is key to covering stains, and you need to add a layer for the top coat to adhere to.

Do the math to know how much paint you need by measuring your painting area. Try samples first to ensure it is the color you think you are getting.

Sheen is also a critical component to painting as it can vastly affect how an area looks and functions. Choose wisely.

Painting your house using the right fundamentals is akin to learning how to throw and catch before playing a game of baseball. Once you get these down, painting becomes simpler and more fun. Contact us to learn more fundamentals that will take your painting skills to the next level.

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house painting trends

House Painting Trends June 2017

3 House Painting Industry Trends and Why They Should Matter to You

modern living room

We live in a world of constant change fueled by shrunken cultural and physical borders. It is easier than ever to find new ideas and inspiration. No longer are we stuck going to the store to speak to an expert or reading a trade magazine to find out what’s new and upcoming. All we have to do now is use the web browser on our phone, tablet, or computer and the information comes at us like a fast-moving train. With so much information, it seems like every idea is a great idea and that everything you read comes from some form of an expert, even if it does not. With this in mind, we thought we would save you the trouble of trying to sift through endless amounts of information on your own. Below we present current industry trends in house painting that we think are notable and may just stick around longer than it takes to read this post. In addition, we highlight why you need to be aware of each trend.

Jack of All Trades

The age of specialty contractors is not dead. It is, however, in flux. With so many options for consumers to improve their homes, painters are looking for other ways to offer value through additional services. In fact, according to a Sherwin-Williams article on industry trends, “Faux finishing, staining decks, sealing walkways, waterproofing driveways and coating concrete are all possibilities. Some have even expanded into the role of remodeler.” So when looking for someone to do your house painting project, be aware of the fact that some contractors are going to try to suggest additional value services, which may or may not be needed. To combat this, be sure to get multiple bids on your project and ask questions based on some of your own research.


The way house painters market has changed. While word of mouth is still the best way for any business to gain new customers, the internet has changed everything. Word-of-mouth marketing now comes in the form of online reviews, which play a large part in how you make purchasing decisions. According to Search Engine Land, “88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Reviews matter, and you should use them as part of your decision-making process. However, you also need to be very analytical in your decision-making process because more and more companies are turning to many online marketing strategies, which can cause confusion. From buying ad space on certain websites to social media pages, companies in the house painting industry are fighting hard to earn your business. And this effectively places you in the driver’s seat. A sleek website or a fancy logo means that the company has made some financial investment in getting your business, but that doesn’t always equate to high-quality work. To combat this, ask for a reference to former clients that you can speak with to get a better idea of who you are working with.

Color Explosion

Painting comes down to color selection. House painting companies know this, which is why they are going to use this as a major selling point during a consultation. An uninformed consumer may go along with the company's suggestions. But in the Information Age, there is no excuse to be uninformed. Online tools like Sherwin-Williams color visualizer let you see what over 1,500 colors will look like on interior or exterior parts of your home. You can even choose a paintbrush type and so much more. You can use your own photo apps as well if you like. Even phone apps like Color Snap from Sherwin-Williams can help you get an idea of what you like. This is similar to buying furniture. You would want to see the piece of furniture in person and know how it would fit in with your decor before buying it. Paint is no different because of the sheer amount of varieties and how each type of paint works. The bottom line is that house painting companies may try to wow you with color selection to get your business since there are so many options and trends to choose from. Be sure to do your homework so as to not get bamboozled.

Getting your house painted in any way, shape, or form is exciting. You literally have a world of ideas at your fingertips. However, with industry trends moving faster than ever, house painting companies are trying to adjust and play catch-up to gain your business. From offering extra services to wowing you with paint options, the competition is fierce. Your best protection against this is to get multiple bids and educate yourself. In this manner, you will ensure you make the best decision for your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of these trends and how we use them to improve the painting process.

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