The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

There is certainly something to be said for the warmth and richness of a hardwood floor. It’s a mainstay in the flooring world for a reason. And with an increasingly wide array of wood choices, from bamboo, to walnut, to exotic hardwoods, homeowners are able to bring a whole new look and feel to any space. But what paint colors go best with that new or existing wood floor? There really is an art to choosing the perfect color; here are a few tips when it comes to picking paint to accent those gorgeous hardwoods.

Lighter Stained Woods

Bamboo is becoming extremely popular. And with the lighter look of bamboo or any other such hardwood, you want to be careful in choosing your wall color. Yes, many people love that bold, richness that comes with dark reds, deep purples or chocolate browns, but will the blonde colored flooring hold up?

Generally, a lighter wood floor is going to go a long way toward creating an airy, more spacious feel. Weighing it down with a heavy color could mar this effect. Perhaps the best way to go to really help that new flooring standout and create the statement that it should, is to keep your palette light and airy as well. Whites, beiges, light greys, all work tremendously well with light stained woods.

Mid Range Color Wood

In this category you will most often find species such as red oak and cherry. They definitely tend to be of a warmer nature. You therefore want your wall color to respond in kind. That is to say, if you wish to carry this warm effect throughout the entire space, go for a paint with a similar base as the floor—reds, yellows, brown or orange undertones.

On the flip side, you might also be looking for contrast. Here is where you might opt for cooler shades such as light greens or blues to really play against the warmer floor tones and thus create a spectacular contrast.

Darker Hardwoods

We get to the walnuts, mahoganies and some of the more exotic species in this dark category. Here you can really go a variety of ways. A dark floor often acts as a neutral; meaning, anything goes. So feel free to have some fun with it.

Keep in mind however, if you do choose to put a dark color on the walls, the entire room may feel a bit heavy. Just be mindful of creating balance when choosing your color.

We would love to help you select the perfect color to go with your wood flooring. Our design consultants are available to review swatches and even come out and take a look at the current space to offer professional insight. Call today for your free consultation!

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2018 color trends

The Hottest Color Trends for 2018

The Hottest Color Trends for 2018

2018 color trends

With the new year comes a brand new outlook on, well, just about everything. One of the most popular improvements for the new year, repainting. There’s nothing like starting off with a fresh new look for your home. Give a room more vibrancy, more life, make it a place the family loves to congregate. So what colors should you be looking at as we enter 2018 and you strive to makeover a tired and otherwise drab space…Here ae a few suggestions regarding the new year’s hottest new colors.

Bolder is Better

People aren’t afraid of venturing into new paint territory. Beiges and whites are certainly fine, but if you really want to create that WOW effect, how about a bolder choice. Deep reds are definitely daring—giving your room instant warmth and instant flair.

Or what about a bright, more electrifying blue. If contrasted with clean white trim and more neutral accessories, a standout blue shade could really turn a room around.

Getting Back To Nature

Just as the world seems to be going “green,” so are paint colors for 2018. It’s all about true earth tones—not merely sedate attempts at such colors. Paint manufacturers are mimicking that verdant green, or the honeyed browns, the golden sun-kissed tones. Nature is making a designer come back in a major way in the new year!

Go-to Grays

Grey has always been a big color and this coming year, it’s getting even bigger. Now more and more homeowners are experimenting with various shades of this not-really-neutral tone. Yes, gray does go with just about anything, but it also holds its own on the color wheel. If you’re not sure about a particular shade for a particular room, there are a world of grays to explore.

Fashion Forward

As the fashion world goes, so do paint colors. 2018’s palette of choice also involves soothing, verging-on the-brink-of-pastel tones. The sea foams, the lavenders and the corals are all trending but in an updated and fresh new way. A great color scheme for creating an ultra restful bedroom.

Whatever direction you want to head with your paint colors come 2018, we’re here to help! Our design consultants would be happy to provide a free consultation as you look to spruce up your space as the new year approaches.

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gray living room

Picking the Perfect Gray: So Many Choices

Gray is trending. And why wouldn’t it be…

gray living room

Gray is a neutral color that still possesses the subtleties of shading, tone and depth. Not to mention, gray goes with just about anything. Homeowners are certainly falling in love with the color—but then comes the tough part, which shade of gray is right for your home?

From charcoal gray, to silver gray, to near white gray, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So how do you know which gray is right for your particular project? We’ve helped a number of clients sort through the kaleidoscope of grays out there in anticipation of a room remodel. What we have discovered is that the shade of gray chosen is dependent on personal preference, the amount of light a room gets, the furnishing and décor going into that room, and even the overall function of the room.

Assessing Your Light Situation

Does the room being painted have a ton of natural light streaming in? It’s important to evaluate the lighting situation prior to selecting your gray of choice. Generally, if your room does have an abundance of light, the gray that you put on the walls will appear rather “cool” during the day. If this is the effect that you want, then choose a shade that really plays up those cool undertones. If however, you want a warmer feel, then you might wish to select a gray that tends toward the beige end of the spectrum.

Light versus Dark

The intensity of the gray you choose will certainly make a big difference in the overall feel and look of the room. If you really want that essential “grayness,” perhaps go for something a bit darker in nature. Whereas if you are only looking for hints and whispers of gray, you might want to steer toward lighter shades that are more neutral in appearance.

What Else is in the Room

Some people want to work with what’s already in the room. So with a living room for example, the couches, areas rugs, and other such furnishings and accessories will all factor into your choice of gray. This is why swatches are truly a wonderful invention. Grab a bunch, put them next to your furniture. See what works and what shades to avoid all together.

Gray is a very hot color, and fortunately, a timeless one! We would love to help determine which gray might be the best choice for your room makeover. Call today for your free consultation and let’s select that perfect shade for your home!

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19705154056 a45d226590 z 300x300 1 e1497693703953 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Ok, so we all know that the seventies were about bell bottoms and disco, while the eighties saw the ascension of punk rock and big hair. Have you ever thought about paint trends from one decade to the next…For instance, when was the heyday of green? Has yellow ever been a generational favorite? And what’s with all those eighties neon colors? Just as hair styles, fashion, music and even food choices change every ten years or so, the same can be said of paint colors. So sit back, put on those parachute paints, tease your hair into a beehive and grab your John Lennon inspired shades—we’re going for a short trip down a very colorful memory lane.

50s: Pastel Mania

50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends50s 1 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends19705154056 a45d226590 z 300x300 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

We think of the fifties and immediately we go to Leave it to Beaver territory. Sedate, pretty tame and definitely traditional. But is this true of their paint also…The paint of choice: pastels. Light yellows, pinks, aquas and blues particularly seemed to be all the rage, as homeowners were striving for that “modern” and clean feel. And yet, they still were inspired to have a little fun with it. Think typical diner décor and you will start to get a feel for how colorful and playful the fifties really were.

60s: Peace, Love and Paint

peace 2069702 1280 300x256 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Flower power, psychedelic vibes and a whole lotta Hendrix generally come to mind when we think of the 1960s. But what about their preferred color choice when it came to interior décor and paint: surprisingly it was a bit more subdued than most would imagine. Despite the rampant profusion of everything tie-dyed and the brightly color peace signs dotting the landscape, wall colors tended more toward neutral and earthy tones. Rusted oranges, toned down yellows, deeper reds, brown, cream and beige all had their place in the homes of the 1960s

70s: Paint by Numbers

avocado appliances 300x267 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Most look back at the sideburns and questionable appliance color choices and say…what on earth were they thinking. Is paint the exception? For the homeowners of the seventies the interior paint colors ranged. We all know that a funky lime green shade is inextricably tied to this decade, along with those nostalgic well-known gold tones and hard-to-pin-down oranges. Okay, we agree, what were they thinking…

80s: When Paint Rocked

Ms. Pac Man  Donkey Kong   arcade cabinets 300x220 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

The eighties definitely picked up the pace. Colors abound, as reds, bold neons, blues, even black made their way into the American home. Whether it was the daringness of a punk rock culture, a generation motivated by the likes of Pac-Man and Frogger, or the edginess of an MTV-inspired mindset, in the eighties people were certainly not afraid of a little color experimentation.

90s: Rebirth of Paint Sophistication

meeting modern room conference 159805 300x225 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

If the 80s were about amping things up, the 90s toned it back down. Here we see the return of more neutral colors, but of course not without a twist. In the 1990s homeowners began “designing” their walls. From adding an accent stripe to a polka dot or two, to even big random blocks of color, people of the nineties merged color sophistication with those memorable notes of risk-taking.

2000's and Beyond: Paint Extravaganza

dog12 243x300 - Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

The great thing about the last decade and a half or so as far as paint is concerned anyway is that really…anything goes. We are truly a hodge podge of the previous generations. Borrowing from them to reinvent them, interiors are increasingly eclectic and proud of it. And that’s what makes our job so much fun—just try and stay away from the avocado green…