The Project

This home located in the beautiful city of Stuart, Florida required some exterior repaint. The homeowner’s Association required a few specific residents to repaint their homes. Accordingly, we were chosen as the preferred painting company to repaint this property.  The home is set up in a beautiful landscape with lots of greenery all around. The beautiful plants and especially, the greenery was a treat to the eyes. However, the faded and dull exterior paint didn’t go well with the surroundings and this home definitely needed the help of the expert painting company in Stuart, Florida.

The plans and Preparations

We can’t help but stress on this fact: Plans and preparations are the precursors to success, we never jump the gun and start working hastily. We carry out a thorough inspection and decide the proper course of action. Our experts inspected this property and accordingly made the plans and preparations on how this project was to be handled. In this stage, we also decided the processes to applied and the materials to used, so that we come to the project site fully prepared. Our inspection revealed that this home in Stuart, Florida needed some pressure cleaning too. So, the preparations were over and we got the right materials. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at how Jaworski Painting- the professional Stuart Florida house painters completed the project.

Pre-painting process

A lot of companies use amateur painters like college students and day labors often start painting the property hastily without taking care of the prep work. However, as a professional and reliable painting company in Stuart Florida, we realize how important it is to get the surface ready for painting. Paint will never stick to dirty and dusty surfaces. So, a diligent prep work is paramount to achieving a great paint job.

  • Firstly, we pressure cleaned the entire surface with high-quality pressure washers to get rid of the dust, the loosely-held paint and dirt. It took us some time to do this but we completed the pressure cleaning on time.

  • Secondly, we grabbed a few tubes of caulk and started caulking the walls and surfaces. We checked the surface thoroughly for cracks and unevenness and applied caulk to them. We also did this to the joint surfaces – areas where the door, windows meet the wall.

  • Last but not the least, we primed the exterior walls. To achieve a professional finish, priming is very essential.

The painting

With the prep-work going according to our plan and schedule, the stage was set for painting.  Our experienced house painting crew started doing their work. We chose to go with Elastomeric paints as they provide the ultimate protection against water intrusion. Moreover, they are specifically formulated for masonry and concrete surfaces. We applied two coats of Elastomeric paints to transform the dull walls of this property into something completely new.  With the expert touches of our experienced painters, this home sprang back to life.

Jaworski Painting
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