Major Issues to Fix Before Starting a Home Improvement Project

If there is one thing that is true about homeownership, it is that there is always another improvement project that could be done to further improve the space. It feels like as soon as you complete one project, you can’t stop thinking about the next one, and the one after that, and so on. But sometimes, there are priorities that need to come before new projects like repairs and maintenance, which if left unattended, can become worse and eventually disastrous. Here are major issues to fix before starting a home improvement project at your home.

Plumbing Issues

The first major issue that you need to fix before starting a home improvement project is to correct your plumbing issues. The plumbing system of your home is like the veins and arteries of your home, it helps keep everything connected, and flush waste and other things from your home. If your plumbing has issues, you are just stone’s throw away from having major water damage issues, and perhaps even inhabitability issues. If your plumbing system is not in perfect condition, it would behoove you to fix that before undertaking a new home improvement project.


The next major issue that you need to fix before starting a home improvement project is mold. Mold growth in your home is always an issue. Mold is usually a sign that there is unchecked moisture somewhere in your home that needs fixed. Mold in your home can be incredibly dangerous to the health and safety of the inhabitants, potentially even fatal. You are going to need a mold inspection to see if there are mold issues. A normal home inspection probably won’t catch mold. If you have any sort of mold issue going on, you need to fix it before you have a bigger issue on your hands.

Roof Damage

The final major issue that you need to fix before starting a home improvement project is roof damage. Your roof is the prime line of defense for your home against the elements like rain, wind, and snow. With a hole in your roof, you are inviting the outdoors in, and this can lead to all sorts of issues down the line. Make sure that your roof is perfect before you move on to home improvement.

It can be tempting to move constantly from home improvement project to home improvement project. But sometimes, repairs are more important than home improvement. Make sure that you have fixed any of these problems in your home.

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