How to Avoid Expensive Winter Home Repairs

Wintertime can be unpredictable as far as weather. The low temperatures and increased chance of heavy snow and ice put your home at risk for potential damage. However, you can prepare your house now in order to avoid fixing an excessive amount of damage after winter has passed.

Fix Exterior Damage

A lot of issues that arise on the interior of your home are the result of exterior damage. It’s important that you address any exterior damage in preparation for winter, especially if you live somewhere where it snows. You should address any areas where there may be leaks. Seal your windows and doors and make sure they are well insulated. To protect your roof from snow and ice, repair any loose shingles and remove icicles immediately. Clearing out your gutters before winter weather can help to prevent ice dams from forming. Melting snow can also leak into your basement, so make sure your sump pump is properly working.

Keep Your Home Dry

With all the inclement weather, there is an increased chance for water damage. You should always be on the lookout for signs of water damage in your home. Some of these signs include stains, bubbling or crackling, dark/wet spots, peeling/cracking paint, odors, mold, and an increase in your utility bill. One source of water damage can be burst pipes. Make sure you insulate your pipes and regularly check them. You should also check your water heater, especially if you have had it for a long time. Overall, keeping your house dry is important. In the bathroom, use a fan and mop up any water after showers. Make sure air is circulating throughout your house and that all moisture is vented outside and not into your attic.

Keep Out Pests

Once it gets colder, animals will try to burrow into your house to stay warm. Often, they will further damage the materials of your home or even eat it. You want to protect your home and make sure it is well sealed. Check around your foundation to make sure there aren’t any holes animals can crawl through. If you have a crawl space, make sure it doesn’t have any openings exposed to animals. Of course, you should make sure your doors and windows are closed so pests don’t have an easy entrance.

The cold weather and extreme precipitation can wreak havoc on your house and it can lead to the residency of some nasty pests. Instead of waiting until spring to assess the damage, prepare your home now. There is plenty you can do to protect your home from expensive damage.

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