House Painting Company

When you decide that you are going to need to have your house painted, and you realize that with the amount of work and time that is usually involved with taking on such a big project, you are probably going to start searching for an experienced and professional house painting company that will take the stress and worry out of the thought of having to do it yourself. Of course, you will want to select a well established local company that has a proven record of reliability, and quality workmanship that go hand in hand when you place your trust in someone that is going to be in and around your home and on your property. Jaworski Painting is a third generation, locally owned company that has been proving quality painting and craftsmanship on very job site that we visit since 1972.
About Us
At Jaworski Painting, we set the highest standards for our employees and our fine quality of work, ensuring that every completed job is performed right, the first time. When you are in need of a trustworthy and dedicated house painting company, we offer an unconditional 3 year warranty on all of our completed projects. Our professional staff of experienced technicians have been formally educated with the completion of four years of meticulous training. We are also extremely safety-minded, so we always maintain a general liability insurance policy, protecting your property and guarding everyone’s safety. Once we begin a project, the work will be completed without interruption, with the exception of projects taking longer than a day, so that the job is completed as quickly as possible, while the workmanship is always second to none.
Painting Your Home
At Jaworski Painting, we have a specific manner in which we conduct our preparation and process when we are privileged enough to be chosen to paint your home. Our first task is to clean and remove dirt and mildew from the house by process of hand washing, pressure cleaning, or both. Then after the dirt and mildew are removed, we will scrape the loose paint, sand and any peeling paint, as well. We then prime any areas of the home that require it, before finally begin the process of applying the paint. Our next job is to clean up all of the remaining paint chips and materials that have been used on the job. Finally we inspect our work, and then invite you to do the same.
Contact Us
When you are ready to select an experienced and locally owned house painting company for you next painting project, Jaworski Painting would like to invite you to visit our web site at to learn more about all of the services that we offer for several types of projects around and in the home. You can leave your contact information and a brief description of what type of services you are in need of, directly on our home page. You can also call us at 772.249.1478 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable family members.